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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is marble a maintenance free flooring material?
A: Marble as well as other natural stone floors require consistent and regular maintenance to protect the surface from traffic abrasion and discoloration. You may ask, "How can that be if marble is a rock"? Well although it is a rock, it does wear, discolor, stain and break. In the Marble and Stone Restoration industry you will hear the phrase "Etching". Etching is a term used when the surface is damaged by many typical household products or by liquids. Household products include soda, citrus drinks or alcohol to name just a few. This damage typically looks like a whitish or gray spotting on the surface of the marble or stone. With the sizable financial investment that is typically associated with choosing stone or marble as a flooring material, it is best to stay on top of the care and maintenance. The cost of restoration could be several times that of a typical maintenance schedule.

Q: Why has my marble floor lost its original appearance and luster?
A: Most often marble floor problems can be attributed to traffic abrasion and/or the use of harsh cleaners and topical coatings. You should always use cleaners that are specifically designed for maintaining natural stone. Our technicians can recommend which products are best. We recommend a neutral, free-rinse cleaner for periodic wet mopping. Along with that it is best to use an untreated dust-mop for the daily maintenance of the floor. Spray and mop type floor products used on vinyl floors are a definite NO and should never be used to maintain stone floors. The use of such products will only increase the maintenance needs of the floor and dull its appearance.

Q: How can New Castle Tile Care restore my floor?
A: New Castle Marble present 3-step process to actually reface the surface of the stone and then chemically close, harden and polish the surface.

Q: I have heard about "Marble Renewal Process" and "Crystallization" what is the basic difference between them?
A: Crystallizing methods are used with toxic chemical. In this process acids are used on your Marble floor to etched the surface. The Newcastle "Three Step Process" removes an immeasurable amount of material and uses no harmful acids. With this process the transformed surface produces a highly improved almost mirror-like reflective finish with a degree of slip resistance. New Castle Marble uses products that are safe for your floor as well as your pets and the environment.

Q: Why can't I use professional topical finishes or coatings on my stone floor to produce a shine?
A: The alkalinity of these professional products used to maintain topical finishes will dull and discolor your stone over a period of time. As we mentioned earlier spray and mop type floor products for vinyl floors should never be used to maintain stone floors. The use of these types of products will only increase the maintenance of the floor and dull the appearance.

Q: What is the difference between New Castle's Tile Care maintenance process and alternative methods of maintenance?
A: New Castle's Tile Care maintenance process is designed to actually polish the stone with specific green bio-degradable products. New Castle Tile Care will not use topical film which will discolor your stone or dull the appearance. Our products are much less labor-intensive that crystallization methods and does not require the use of strong acids.

Q: How long will my marble hold its appearance?
A: The length of time your marble will hold its appearance depends on the amount of, and the type of traffic it receives. Also the maintenance practices explained earlier will play a key role in its appearance and luster.

Q: How can I obtain specific information from New Castle Tile Care on the overall condition and repair of my marble flooring?
A: You can contact New Castle's Tile Care at 818- 707-0275 or email us at One of our professionally trained staff will analyze your flooring problem and give you a estimate along with a demonstration on your floor.

Q: We have decided to remodel our kitchen and install new countertops. Synthetic countertops cost slightly less than granite, but how do they compare in the long run?
A: Imitation / synthetic counter tops are inferior in many ways when compared to granite and marble. Countertops made from acrylic and other synthetic manufactured materials may have the "look" of granite or marble, but the similarities end there. For resistance to bacteria, scratches, stains and overall performance, granite is unsurpassed. Some marbles with honed or matte finishes also make for high quality kitchen countertops.

Q: We're in the process of building a new home and would love to put a marble floor in our foyer, but we're concerned about the heavy foot traffic it will receive. Do you have any suggestions?
A: You only need to take some simple precautions to protect your beautiful investment. We recommend that you use a non-slip mat outside the entrance to your foyer and also carpet or area rug inside to capture the dirt and grit tracked in from outdoors. Remember to dust mop your marble floor frequently to remove dirt and dust particles that can scratch the surface. Use warm water and a small amount of mild detergent to wash your floor. After completing rinse and dry your marble floor thoroughly.

Q: After a recent get-together we discovered a dark red stain. We knew it was red wine on our sandstone hearth. What can we do to remove this stain without hurting our floor?
A: Because natural stones are porous your floor will absorb food and liquids with resulting stains. But it is that same porosity that will give you an edge in removing the stain. With that in mind, you simply reverse the process by applying a chemical poultice, which re-absorbs the spill. The choice of poultice materials varies depending on what type of stone you have and the type of spill. When the chemical product is thoroughly dry, remove the poultice and the stain should be gone.

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What is the best way to clean my Newbury Park kitchen countertop?

Newbury Park Tile Cleaning recommends cleaning your Newbury Park countertops daily with a soft cloth or a paper towel and use a residue-free cleaner that is safe for natural stone.

What is the best way to clean my marble or natural stone floor in Newbury Park?
Tile Cleaning Newbury Park has found that the main reason the floor in Newbury Park gets dirty is due to dust, grit, and sand, which causes the abrasiveness. To counter this Newbury Park abrasiveness, Tile Cleaning Newbury Park suggests you want to frequently (daily) mop interior floors using a clean, non-treated, dry dust mop in Newbury Park. Use a damp mop every week. Do not use vacuum cleaner that is worn, because the metal or plastic attachments may scratch the surface.

How do I treat stains on kitchen and bathroom counters in Newbury Park?
Tile Cleaning Newbury Park suggests that you will want to blot spills with a clean paper towel. If the liquid has soaked into the Newbury Park stone and stained it, you may apply a poultice to treat that specific stain on your specific stone surface. Give Tile Cleaning Newbury Park a call and we can suggest what type of substance for the poultice when we know what kind of stain.

Will my entry rug harm my Newbury Park stone floor?
Tile Cleaning Newbury Park believes rugs are a good idea to catch dirt and grit in Newbury Park

What can I to restore the original shine and luster to my floor in Newbury Park?
Give us a call at Stone Restoration Newbury Park. We will do a walk through of your Newbury Park residence and tell you our findings. If your Newbury Park floor or other surface is not deeply scratched, surface polishing may bring back an acceptable shine. If your Newbury Park floor has worn badly, a complete restoration may be warranted. If your Newbury Park kitchen or bathroom granite countertops are no longer shiny, you may only have a surface film from a buildup of soap.

What can I do to I clean the stone in my Newbury Park bath and Newbury Park shower?
Tile Cleaning Newbury Park has found the best method for cleaning your bath, shower and other wet areas in order to minimize soap scum build-up is by using a squeegee after each use.

What can I do for general cleaning in Newbury Park?
Tile Cleaning Newbury Park believes the single most important tip we can give your Newbury Park stone surface is to use a cleaner designated safe for natural stone. It is never a good Newbury Park idea to use products that contain lemon, vinegar, or other acids on marble, travertine, limestone, or onyx, because these products can etch the stone’s surface.

Tile Cleaning Newbury Park knows it is also a good idea to mop your Newbury Park stone floors frequently. Always use a clean mop on your Newbury Park floors and a soft cloth for other surfaces.

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