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HI Manny,

Karen & I have had over 30 contractors working on our remodeling project - And you were the Best!
"New Castle" is the perfect name to represent your company and the results of your hard work.

White Glove Professional Maint. Service, Inc.

Gene B.


Wow!!! Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!

When we bought our home 8 years ago we put travertine tile downstairs and marble throughout our master bath. Since then, we have been trying to keep their natural beauty with steam cleaning and maintenance. Let me tell you that it has not been easy finding companies who really know how to treat natural stone. Just recently I learned the hard way that it is not worth trying to save money on their care when I hired a company that only cleaned tile and not carpet. I thought they knew what they were doing. But they actually damaged our marble stone floors by using an acidic solution which etched the marble and then he tried to cover it up with a cheap wax coating which they claimed was a sealer. He also used the wax coating on our Travertine downstairs. Yikes! Then we found Manny from New Castle Marble who not only fixed our marble floor but he restored the entire bathroom to make it look like when we first had it put in. He also stripped, cleaned, and resealed our travertine floors and restored their natural beauty. Our stone elements in our home are beautiful again!

Thank you Manny!

You really know your stuff!

J. Yago

Hi Manny

Thank you so much for touching up my floors. I really appreciate it and I am impressed with the customer service. I will also announce you at my next office meeting to help get you some business!

Have a great day!

C. R.
Troop Real Estate, Inc.

Dear Manny,

Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT job you and Jose did at my house! Your cleaning, re-sealing and crack repair of my limestone floors was incredible. The floors look like they did 18 years ago when first installed. Actually, they look better! And, the marble polishing and re-sealing you did in my master bathroom was wonderful...the counters and shower look brand-new. I don't know how you did it, but that marble looks incredible!

You were a delight to work with and I couldn't be more pleased with the way everything turned out. I will be recommending you to everyone I know!

Many thanks,
Joanie P.

Hello Manny,

I loved the work you and your staff did for me. Also my father did see the showroom. He is very impressed and appreciative. I cant say enough

I gave all of the sales associates some of your business cards and I have seen them giving them out to people as I have been doing!

Thank you again :)



To Manny,

Great job by a great guy.

Best Wishes
B. G. MLB #9 umpire.

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